Services for Single Family Offices

For some families, the choice between a Single- or Multi-Family Office is clear. For others, the unique combination of assets, business interests and jurisdictions may warrant a more flexible solution. In this situation, a dual-office setup might be ideal.


MFO - a flexible backup solution?

Dedicating one’s Single-Family Office to certain administrative functions and empowering a Multi-Family Office to oversee others can provide an elegant balance of internal control and independence. The family maintains maximal flexibility to manage its own operations while enjoying the expertise and resources of the Multi-Family Office.

  • Outsourced CIO (market views and investment strategy)
  • Investment Controlling and Consolidated Reporting
  • Investment Deal Pipeline Management
  • Risk Management
  • Managing a portfolio of Direct Investments
  • Managing a portfolio of Absolut Return Strategies
  • Operational Backup (Business Continuity Planning)
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Advisory

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