Services for Family Businesses

For many Parkview clients, entrepreneurial activity is the primary source of family wealth. Managing business growth and risk factors is thus a significant component of the overall wealth management process, and it represents a weighty responsibility for wealth owners.

How to protect the source of wealth?

Our experienced team helps entrepreneurs solve the most pressing issues involved in maximizing the value of their businesses.

M&A Advisory

The acquisition and disposal of business units are often defining transactions, with success heavily reliant on the quality of one’s partners. Parkview assists in these search and diligence processes as an impartial advisor and experienced analyst.

Investment Management

A company may accumulate significant cash beyond working capital requirements. Parkview guides clients in investing excess cash flow with a special focus on liquidity, helping to balance short-, medium- and long-term liabilities and capital expenditures without sacrificing yield.

Strategy Consulting

Both rapid growth and the possibility of financial distress present unique challenges and opportunities for business owners. Parkview helps clients to identify and analyze possible avenues for the future as both an advisor and coach, empowering entrepreneurs to make fully-informed decisions about the future of their businesses.

Advisory Board

Senior Parkview partners regularly participate on corporate boards, both in an independent capacity and as representatives of owner families. Our objectivity and broad experiences offers fresh perspectives, new ideas and assistance in establishing best practices for the corporate environment.

Turnaround Management

During difficult periods in the business life cycle, it is essential to have a trusted and independent peer to act as a coach, outside expert and sparring partner. Parkview boasts a diverse group of talent ready to act quickly to identify and conduct due diligence on appropriate ideas, strategies and solutions.